Loyalty program
for your business

Increase development opportunities
with the coalition partner club
Your place

How to improve your
business in the competitive

Unique product of CITYLIFE —
the loyalty program based
on the cashback service
How does it work?
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What is the client cashback — service?

These are goods and services
available through the website, mobile application, and smart card.
  • Website

    The website allows you to get cashback from each online payment, to book airline and train tickets, search for partner shop on a city map and order a taxi, as well as to choose a mobile operator and get cashback from each mobile payment.

  • Mobile application

    Download the app and you'll get the map with our partners' shops located in the city, sections "Online payments" and "Taxi", and your personal account with cashback history from all of your payments.

  • Card

    With the card, you can benefit from discounts and cashback in shops, restaurants and other places of your city. You can also get the CITYLIFE travel pass.

club of partners
More than5000 offline
and online partners

Advantages of the loyalty program
and the coalition partner club

Buy membership in loyalty program,
and join the client
Now, coalition club clients
will visit your shop

Customer exchange

Join us and get the opportunity to exchange
customers inside the coalition
partners club.
Turnover and profits grow day by day
through acquiring new customers.
The clients of your café
usually visit
fish restaurants.
Based on this data
, you launch a new fish menu
in your cafe
, which will be in
great demand.
Your profit and turnover are rising!

Customer journey

You manage the customer journey
based on business platform
analytical data.

Consumer's behaviour analysis

We collect data about your customers' actions.
So you can work accurately
with each behavioral segment of customers.
Benefits of the CITYLIFE analytics
Developing individual promotional offers
for each segment of buyers
Newsletters and special offers
are sent only to interested users
Personal communication with clients
by email, SMS, through
push-notifications in the mobile application,
Viber and WhatsApp.
Building partner relationships with companies that are required for strategic development
of your business.

Anticipate the desires
of your
clients together with

Advantages of the CITYLIFE loyalty program

The data management model
is based on statystical
and mathematical tools
for forming data.
The program can be integrated into any type of business, including retail networks, restaurants, medical centers, residential development, fitness clubs, and malls.
Advertising platform
Information about your company is placed
on the website, in the mobile application and in CITYLIFE social networks.
Increased turnover
We help influence all turnover components: number of clients, conversion, average basket, and number of purchases per client.
Self-sustained product
You get a percentage from cashback of clients that you invited to the client service.
Together with, you we develop the card design, adjust the functionality, make trainings and provide materials required to get to know the program better.
For whom is this product?
Business owner
Get a full loyalty program
and many usefull options
to manage the business
on the basis of smart data.
Get reports
that are updated in real time.
Chief Financial Officers
Get necessary documentation
to monitor and analyze
the financial status of the company.

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